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Blessed Little Grooming Company is a full service grooming salon for all pets. It is our goal to provide professional personalized grooming services for you and your pet.

What you should know about pet grooming.

  1. Grooming training should start as soon as you take your pet home. Schedule a welcome home appointment and come in for an introductory visit and a nail trim and ear cleaning.
  2. Regular grooming helps keep the pets coat clean and free of debris and matts, promotes good skin and coat health and reduces stress. Dogs who are groomed regularly are more comfortable with grooming. Grooming matted hair, over grown nails, etc is uncomfortable and even painful. Regular grooming is 12 weeks or less.
  3. Pet grooming can be a positive experience for your pet. Like most all of your pets activities, they need to be trained how to be groomed. We do this with every visit, working to give your pet a positive grooming experience. You can help by giving your pet positive encouragement at drop off and pick up, and continuing the training at home with basic maintenance.

What our services include.

  1. All pets are washed in one of the natural shampoo/conditioning recipes from our signature shampoo line. We have been using Smokey Mountain Naturals for 15 years!
  2. All of our grooming packages include a warm massaging bath, nails trimed and dremelled to remove sharp edges and prevent splintering, ears cleaned and plucked if needed, anal glands are checked, emptied externally if needed. The bathing process removes dander and loose coat. We use a high velocity air dryer to remove water and more of the dander and loose coat. Most dogs are hand dried. This ensures the best coat conditions possible
  3. All trimming is done on a clean dry coat after the bath. Standard trimming is on the paws (top and bottom), hygiene areas such as the under belly, under the tail and inside the ears. We also trim the corners of the eyes and around the lips. If your pet requires head and/or body trimming we can style your pet in a variety of ways. Don’t be afraid to ask for ideas or bring a photo of your own.
  4. We do not use perfumes and colognes. These can not only aggravate allergies for some pet owners, but many perfumes can aggravate skin allergies and sensitive skin irritations in dogs. Some of our products do have a scent, that doesn’t aggravate allergies. If you prefer a cologne or perfume, we do keep some on hand, please request it upon pick up.

What to expect on your visit.

  1. Appointments are scheduled between 9am and 2pm. Pick up is generally 3-4 hours after drop off, longer for multiple pet households.  Because we are a small company, we like to allow time for check in/ check out, grooming, cleaning, taking appointments etc.
  2. We accept cash or credit/debit card. We are set up to take online payments via square at no additional charge. We do not take checks.
  3. While your pet is with us they are rotated through the steps of the grooming. We like new dogs to acclimate themselves to the salon, so we let them walk around and explore the grooming areas for a few minutes after arrival. When they are not in the tub or on a grooming table they will hang out in a wire crate or walk in kennel in our kennel room. We do not allow pets to play together.
  4. We recommenced you set up your next appointment before you leave. Our salon is growing, and appointments are filling up fast.



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