Amazing Salon Makeover

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This is the process of turning a neglected space into an Amazing Grooming Salon

I edited in the sign I plan to put up.. I haven’t decided on sign color tho. 11043274_859347317463286_102177971631764961_n 

 This is the front room.. We centered the doors and added windows


 10383964_871108479620503_2425033744997692218_n (1)



11202807_894763350588349_6530439999851300829_n 11406968_911258858938798_8748099125018971445_n 10464032_911258892272128_7496216084889880701_n 11407081_911258928938791_23569197248372324_n



The next room is the Grooming Room.. It will have 4 groomer stations. 

1 2 3


10428650_879699382094746_623697757030926290_n 11102746_879699302094754_2694573111239565621_n 11102806_879699328761418_5095882017025848457_n


11059559_894761477255203_1896932421524803065_n 11178275_891021077629243_6744690335733415453_n


The back of the salon is separated into 5 areas and an open area for some play areas and a photo booth

4 5 6

11020635_873164132748271_3097876240532862038_n 10583819_879699422094742_5401270244932916998_n (1)11102640_879699475428070_4334761087974626809_n11113637_879699445428073_4648278931952237577_n

The Kennel room


The Bathing room

11018635_876721472392537_574673390346035180_n 11138562_879699252094759_6688715188063880844_n


The Laundry room

The Bath room

The Break room



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2 Responses

  1. Brenda

    I just became aware of your situation through yahoo news. Just wanted you to know I am on your side. Who are all these people to be judging you when they are guilty of things in their own lives? I see you as a visionary. Don’t let this dream die; you have great potential here and I see great success in it for you and those who would work with you. God bless you and may He keep you and your family together through all the storms you face.