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You can always call or text 270-670-2367 to book an appointment but we also offer online booking. Please read the instructions section and choose the booking options accordingly.

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                                                                 We Welcome New Clients  

We are always excited to have new clients. We have a variety of grooming options to suit your pets needs.

Our grooming packages are all inclusive which means your pet will always receive a nail trim and file, ear cleaning, warm bath, and brush out of all loose coat. No added services. No surprises.

Grooming prices are based on many factors including size, temperament, coat condition and grooming style. It’s difficult for us to know ahead of time how much your grooming fees will be, but we can give an estimate once we know more about your pet. Price quotes given over the phone are estimates based on breed standard size/coat and regular grooming. If your dog is larger than breed standard, not on a regular 4-12 week grooming schedule or otherwise has conditions that extend the expected grooming time, your grooming fee may be higher than the estimated quote.


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