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You can always call or text 270-670-2367 to book an appointment but we also offer online booking.

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                                                                 We Welcome New Clients  

We are always excited to have new clients. We have a variety of grooming options to suit your pets needs.

Our grooming packages are all inclusive which means your pet will always receive a nail trim and file, ear cleaning, warm bath, and brush out of all loose coat. No added services. No surprises.

Grooming prices are based on many factors including size, temperament, coat condition and grooming style. It’s difficult for us to know ahead of time how much your grooming fees will be, but we can give an estimate once we know more about your pet. Price quotes given over the phone are estimates based on breed standard size/coat and regular grooming. If your dog is larger than breed standard, not on a regular 4-12 week grooming schedule or otherwise has conditions that extend the expected grooming time, your grooming fee may be higher than the estimated quote.


⭐️ Read each service, choose the options you need, then choose your dogs size.
⭐️All grooming packages include bathing. All brushing and grooming is done on a clean coat. *except small animal brushing. We do not groom pets we have not bathed
⭐️You do not need an appointment for nail trims. Those are done on walk in basis.
⭐️If your pet needs a haircut please choose the full grooming package. Read the package description to determine what your pet needs.  Contact us for pricing.
⭐️For those booking multiple pets on the same day, you are welcome to bring your pets in on the first appointment time.
⭐️Duration time is time between appointment drop offs. Please note those appointment times are for drop off only and are the only way we can schedule multiple dogs efficiently. We allow a 15 minute window before or after the scheduled time. So if you have a 10:15 appointment you can drop off between 10-10:30.
⭐️ Please allow 2-4 hours for pick up and add additional time for multiple pets. We will contact you when your pet is ready for pick up.
⭐️Make sure you get an appointment confirmation at the time you book your appointment. If you did not get a text or email when you make your appointment check your spam folder. If you did not get a confirmation the appointment did not complete.
⭐️72 hours prior to your appointment you will also receive a confirmation notification from our 1-859 Mongo account number or via email and need to confirm your appointment. REMINDER YOU NEED TO CONFIRM YOUR APPOINTMENT WHEN THE REMINDER IS SENT. YOU NEED TO CLICK ON THE LINK. DO NOT REPLY TO THE MESSAGES FROM THE MOEGO NUMBER. Unconfirmed appoints are subject to cancellation. Please read our policies and procedures. If you need to cancel or reschedule please give 24 hour notice to allow us to replace your appointment slot. You have to call or text 270-670-2367 to cancel an appointment. You can also email us at [email protected] You cannot cancel via the appointment reminder notifications.
⭐️No call /No show appointments and cancelations without a 24 hour notice may be subject to a fee. Clients with a history of not showing or cancelling last minute will be required to prepay for their appointments.

Add 270-670-2367 to your contacts as Blessed Little Grooming Co. This is our business phone or text number
Add 1-859-696-1523 as Automatic Grooming Reminders. This is an automated system connected to our appointments app and we do not monitor these messages. 

Salon Policies 
*Cancellation Notices: Because we work by appointment we appreciate notice by end of business day prior to appointment day. This enables us to fill your appointment time. I understand emergencies happen and while last minute cancellations are a part of life, we expect them to be uncommon. If you have a habit of forgetting appointments, no worries, we can set up text or email reminders! No call no show appointments may be subject to a cancellation fee. Clients with a history of not showing or cancelling last minute will be required to prepay for their appointment

*Appointment Scheduling: Appointments are scheduled on the quarter to half hour. Please allow 2-4 hours for most appointments. We will contact you when your pet is ready to pick up. If you have a deadline to make please notify us of this at time of scheduling and again at drop off so we can do our best to accommodate you. If you need to schedule a full day appointment let us know so we can set aside space for your pet to stay comfortable before and after their grooming and allow for potty breaks

*Potty Policy: Please make your best effort to potty your pets before your appointment. We ask that you potty your dog behind our building and not out front, and not on the grassy area near the boulevard. If your dog has an accident, please ask for supplies to clean it up. We have a pooper scooper located in the restroom. We also have poop bags and trash basket located behind the building. We like our neighbors and we want them to like us. If your pet hasn’t done their business, let us know so we can walk them in the space in the back. While we understand accidents happen, it’s much more difficult to clean up an accident in the kennels, especially if they have already started the grooming process.

*Leash Policy: For the safety and comfort of the clients of neighboring business, our own clients and my personal sanity, please have your pet on a leash or carrier when entering or exiting the salon. If you forget your leash, pop in and ask for a loaner. The parking lot can get busy and I would be devastated if something happened to your pet. For the safety of pets, employees and customers, NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES please.

*Vaccine Policy: It is our policy to allow medical professionals to determine which vaccines your pet needs. It is up to you and your veterinarian to provide a safe level of protection for your dog.

*Photography and Video: We offer complimentary post grooming photos of your pets at our discretion. Photographs of pet’s visits to the salon may be used in web and print publications. If you do not want your pets photo published we do offer an opt out option.Please notify us in the notes section if you do not want your pets photo published.

*BLGC, LLC has the right to refuse service to anyone who repeatedly brings in neglected pets or is verbally or physically abusive to anyone on the premises. This includes their own pets

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