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First I want to announce that we are no longer offering teeth brushing with our services. We do sell dental health products to use at home and are more than happy to help show you how to use them. I know brushing your pets teeth at home can be tricky, but asking us to do it once every 6 weeks isn’t going to make a difference. It does give a burst of fresh breath after a grooming, and I will continue  to offer breath freshener free of charge.

Dental care is an important part of pet ownership. I know teeth cleanings can be expensive but with proper care at home you can help your pet have healthy teeth longer.

Generics play a role in tooth health. Breeds like poodles are notorious for having genetically poor teeth. Also breeding poorly bred dogs with other poorly bred dogs, aka irresponsible breeding, can lead to dental issues suck as early tooth decay and also poor teeth alignment which can lead to other dental issues.

Diet also plays a roll. Giving your dog hard food and dental chews helps keep their teeth healthy. Quality nutrition is also important in overall pet health. Making sure they are getting the nutrients they need.

Brushing at home, even weekly, can make a huge difference. Even just a quick brush can remove hair, grass or other debris. I have even found ticks inside a dogs mouth.

I am a pet groomer not a veterinarian. I am limited by skill level and by law, on what I can and cannot do for your pet. For that reason I will no longer be offering toothbrushing. I feel it’s not helping your pets in any way. I will always be a second set of eyes should you have a concern or question. As someone with dental issues I know how uncomfortable and painful tooth issues can be. Some dogs are in pain and won’t allow their faces to be touched which can make grooming difficult. It can also lead to organ issues with your pets heart, liver and lungs.

Most veterinarians run teeth cleaning specials in February, during National Pet Dental Health Month.

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