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Diatomaceous earth. 

Do you remember studying diatoms in science class? The little microscopic glass like organisms in the sea? Well, let me tell you how they can help you combat fleas. 

Diatomaceous Earth is made up of fossilized diatoms which creates a powder that can be used to combat insects.

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Fleas are gross, but amazing creatures. They have a strong but flexible exoskeleton that protects them from being harmed, allows them to cling to animal fur, and provides support.

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DE works because the abrasive in the powder breaks down the flea exoskeleton and dehydrates the flea. It works on adult fleas, pupae and larvae. It works on most insects which is why it’s often used in organic gardening.

I often recommend DE for organic flea/tick control. It’s safe for people and animals because not a poison. The DE breaks down the insects exoskeleton and kills it within a few hours. For this to work the fleas have to have direct contact with the powder. The downside to this is that watering your garden or rain in general can lessen the efficiency, but right now on Kentucky is a great time to use this if you have a pest control issue. Like those darn stink bugs.

DE can be found at most farm stores for around $20 for a 40lb bag.

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