Getting Attached

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I had been working on this post for a few weeks now but kept putting it down because it makes me sad to write it. I love this job but when I see my clients hurting, I hurt too.

When you visit with a dog on a regular basis you form a friendship. One of my favorite things about my business is how comfortable your pets are with me, my family, our environment. Many of them know our routine and when they come in they know just what to do. I have dogs that run to the tub and jump in on their own. I have dogs that kennel themselves, they get on the grooming table and they love the photo booth and pose for pics. We have fun.

At times some of those dogs stop coming, for various reasons. Maybe they found a different groomer or a new home. In this community many of our clients move away, we lose several a month and sometimes more due to a military PCS (permanent change of station). I’m always a little bummed when a client comes in and says “this is our last appointment with you, we move next month”.

And of course the inevitable loss when a pet client passes away. And unfortunately we have had quite a few pass in the last few months. It’s been heartbreaking for us, not just because we miss them, but because we know how much you love them. I’m extremely empathetic. I can guarantee I’ll cry with you.

I wish I had the right words, because I’m sorry doesn’t seem to be enough. I wish dogs could live forever.




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