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OThis post is for pet owners and fellow pet groomers. I have tried and tested many many products over the years. In my salon I sell the products I use, for my clients to use at home. If you cant make it into the store you can find these items online as well.



I’ve used this brand of nail trimmers for 21 years. I’ve tried many other brands and styles but none compare. These are a work horse. They last forever. They stay sharp as long as you keep them clean and dry.


I’ve been using these brushes for about 3 years. They were in a box at a place I was working and decided to give them a try. I love the comfort gel grip, and the brush design is great for all coat types. The only downfall is the gel handle can be ruined if a dog bites it or if something else pokes a hole. I’ve only had that happen twice in three years, and that is in a professional grooming environment.

I love these style combs. Again, I have been using them my entire career. Aside from the top of the line $70-100 combs for professional use, these are the best combs on the market. The teflon coating makes it so much easier to comb out knots, pull out undercoat or just neaten up the coat. The double ends make it easy to go through any coat type. I use the wide tooth end first and finish with the fine tooth side. I carry a different brand in store that comes in 7′ and 5″. Both work well.

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