837 North Dixie Blvd, Radcliff, KY 40160
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Tuesday~Saturday 9AM - 6PM

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Its hard to believe it’s October!

We have our Halloween ? photo booth up!

This photo booth is up through October 31st. Photos are free and are done as we can. We try to get as many photos as possible but our schedule and your pets mood plays a role in whether or not we get a good photo.

Feel free to share, save or print!

We don’t have piles of leaves but we have piles of dog hair!

We are still dealing with COVID ? related matters. We are still proceeding with the locked doors. It has helped us keep the solicitation down and keeping the lobby limited to clients. Just ring the bell and give us a second to stop what we are doing and come to the front.
Masks are not required if you maintain 6ft apart. There are paw prints on the floor to help guide you.
We have hand sanitizer on the counter.

Nail trims and Self Wash are back to walk in basis, 9-6 Tuesday-Saturday. Self washes must be started by 5pm.

⭐️ Please note. Pets must be on a leash or under your control. We have had several dogs get away from owners lately. Walk your pets BEHIND the building before your appointment to make sure they have a chance to potty. Accidents happen but we want to give pets every opportunity to potty before their grooming.

We are blessed to be extremely busy and we suggest booking your appointments in advance, especially for Holiday appointments. ?? If you like we can set you up on an automatic schedule of 4-6-8 weeks or whatever works for you.

– and remember to brush and comb your pets frequently to avoid matts and tangles. If the hair is matted we have to shave it down. It’s getting colder and if you want your pets to grow out bring them in for bathing, brushing and nail trims.

~ Have a Blessed Day

? Nicole


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  1. I want to thank Nicole for her excellent and caring handling of my dog during her last grooming. My dog had a small seizure during her grooming and Nocole was so thoughtful and took such good care of my dog. She immediately called me and since this was not my dog’s first seizure, ( but her first one ever while under Nicole’s care), she assured me that she would give her lots of breaks and not stress her out. She called me twice to update me and I can’t say how much this meant to me. I am so thankful for Nicole. She is so experienced and so kind to her clients and their pets.

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