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Tuesday~Saturday 9AM - 6PM

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We have received official requirements for opening. We open May 11th and are working by appointment only.

1. We ask that you call or text us when you arrive for your appointment, so we can unlock the door. We will need to confirm payment information and grooming instructions. Please do note that while I will try my best to maintain the 3-4 hour turnaround, I cannot guarantee these times. We will contact you an hour before pick up to schedule a pick up time if one was not arranged at drop off. Drop offs are scheduled at 30 minute intervals and pick ups 15 minute intervals as pick ups will be faster.

2. We will be taking one client in the lobby at a time. We ask that you limit people dropping off to 1 person at a time. 2 people from the same family allowed for multiple pet families . Please be prompt for your appointment times. We have a small window of time for drop off and pick up. We will hand you a sterilized shop leash and you will remove all of your pets personal belongings. We will retrieve your pet from a kennel or from the lobby area. Many of your pets will run back into the grooming room on their own, so we can just let them do that. Smart pups they are 😉

3. We recommend you wear a mask and fresh gloves. We have taken all precautions to keep our lobby sanitary but the responsibility for your own health ultimately falls on you. If you have been ill, or have a concern for contracting the virus then we can reschedule you for another day. We will have a trash can available outside for you to dispose of your gloves as you leave. We will try to have hand sanitizer available as well. 4. Walk In Nail trims will be allowed on a per case basis, but will be by appointment. We will try to fit these in at the end of the day 6-7pm. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have an appointment for a full grooming for your dog we can take your other pets for a nail trim at drop off.

5. We will continue to do photos. We have a Birthday photo booth up for May. Bows and Ties are free with grooming  and available upon request. While our bows and ties are not sterilized they are about as safe as purchasing anything off the store shelves. It’s your choice.

6. Just a reminder we are booking up fast. I recommend you call or text and get your appointments booked now. If you don’t need grooming now plan for when you do. I also suggest getting on our recurring schedule so that your appointments are automatically reserved.

We do have to enforce our cancellation policy.
Because we work by appointment we appreciate notice by end of business day prior to appointment day.  This enables us to fill your appointment time. I understand emergencies happen and while last minute cancellations are a part of life, we expect them to be uncommon. For last minute cancellations and no shows we will require a deposit for future appointments to cover our loss of time. In 5 years I have never enforced this, but under these circumstances I will need to.

8. WE HAVE ONLINE BOOKING AVAILABLE AGAIN ❤️ Check our homepage for the links

We are happy to see you soon!,

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