Technology Upgrades and Taxes

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We’ve been using Square for our credit card processing for several years. They have recently added some new services that makes managing a business easier. We launched the online scheduling a few months ago and it’s been working great. The option to manage appointment services and retail is merging and with the new app comes a few changes to how we schedule your appointments and process your payments.

First, as you recall we had to start charging sales tax on all services. I had been just adding these to your current charges and rounding up to keep totals at whole numbers but starting in October we will charging taxes separate. This will make our new software run easier, but we have to deal with coins now.

Second, we are slowing adding in each client to our database and this has and may continue to result in odd texts or emails about appointments. If you get a text or email about your appointment that is confusing, you can probably ignore it and default to the original date and time. If you have a question or concern, please don’t hestitate to message us about it.

Third, I have updated the online booking to reflect new appointment scheduling times. Please note those appointment times are approx and are the only way we can schedule multiple dogs efficiently. We allow a 15 minute window before or after the scheduled time. So if you have a 10:15 appointment you can drop off between 10-10:30.  Please allow 3-4 hours for pick up and add additional time for multiple pets. We also now offer digital invoicing so you can pay online.

Finally, we hope this new system will allow us to streamline appointment scheduling and checkout times. We try to accommodate as many clients as we can. We truly appreciate all our clients and thank you for choosing us as your groomer.

If you are interested in getting Square for your business or want to upgradeyour business follow this link



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