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We have been closed for 3 weeks and I wanted to update everyone and be a little candid on what I take from this and what I think it will be like moving forward.

I have not been off of work this long before. Ive been out of work before, but never off. Even when I took time to have a baby I was usually back to work in a week maybe 2. Its weird. Thats for sure. I’ve been to the salon a few times to check on the salon pets, take a few cookie orders and get some maintenance done. I’ve been making bows and doing paperwork I had been putting off.

I applied for the disaster loan this past Monday not expecting anything but at least crossing my t’s just incase. People who applied weeks ago still haven’t heard anything. This could take quite some time. I was thinking maybe I can get a job processing loans.

Because we are a single manager LLC we are classified as sole prop. Because we are family operated we do not have payroll. Which is good in many ways, but disqualifies us for other grants.

As of now we do not expect to be open in April. I hope we can open in early May but that is not looking hopeful.

What I project is that we will be subject to more restrictions before we head towards reopening. Once those restrictions begin to lax it will still be a bit before they allow grooming as they wont open everything at once. This won’t be a light switch. Baby steps in, baby steps out.

For the past week or so I have been trying to contact the governors office to speak to someone about the particulars of MY  business. Before we were shut down we closed our salon to the public. We did curbside drop off and digital payments. IMO and not just because I am biased, I feel that should still be allowed. Pet boarding facilities are still open and if a dog can spend a day in daycare, they should be able to get a bath and haircut, at the very least nail trims. The rules aren’t consistent across the board and I feel some businesses are unfairly shut down. Similar to how my clients are forced to pay sales taxes on services, yet other service based businesses are not taxed. But I digress.

Ive been in this location for 4 years. I have been very happy with the landlord and property manager. They were very kind to reduce Aprils rent. I know they will do what they can to help us as most of the occupants of the plaza have been shut down. I also know they are a business that is loosing revenue as well. Based on the most recent SBA letter they are capping loans at $15k. That is probably less than one month of rent for all of the small businesses in the plaza.
The utility companies have suspended shut offs but we have a monthly service charge even if no utilities are used. These bills will accrue.

I have spoken with a few small businesses owners in various industries that plan to close permanently if they don’t open the first of May. I have no plans to close and as long as the property owners and utility companies work with us we wont need to. If anything should change, I will still groom, just differently. It is sad for those who will be permanently scarred economically. Some say money isn’t important, just lives are. As someone who has experienced and overcome an extreme poverty as far as US standards, its more than money. Being able to provide for your family is a mental heath issue. We have food and necessities covered for now. But our property payments are still due. Car insurance still needs to be paid.

This is difficult for everyone. I understand that. Everyone is concerned about health and many people are double burdened by finances. This is scary. We are also concerned for our pets health. While most of our dogs are enjoying having us home more you should be brushing and combing your pets to prevent matting. I know that is not feasible for everyone. I wish I could do more. Ive posted a few videos and I am always available for consultation. I have extended our gift certificate sale until the end of the month. Per request I will also be selling bow sets. We will also be selling decals for those interested. We have some retail items for sale as well. That will be posted on our FB page in the coming days.

I hope all of you are doing well. Tell your dog i said hi!


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