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A New Way To Look at Photos

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After years of using FB and IG to host photos I kept thinking there has to be a better way.

I searched out a photo hosting site that is easy and affordable for me to upload photos to and a photo hosting site that is easily accessible to all of my clients and potential clients.

As of today all of our photo booth photos will be hosted on SmugMug at this link below. There will also be a shortcut  on our main page.


Each Photo booth theme will have its own album. Each photo will have the same information we usually put on them.

So why the change and how it will help you?

1. Search option! Type your pets name in the search bar and all photos with that name will be sorted so you can easily find your pets photo.. unless their name is Bella or Max, then you have more sorting to do.

2. In addition to this new easy to view platform it also offers better photo resolution. FB compression really does a number on images. You are still able to click and save to your computer for free or order prints directly from the site. I am in control of pricing so I am looking into several options, but the ability to order is currently active.

3. While you don’t need to log into FB or IG to view photos, its kind of a pain to navigate because it keeps asking you to log in. With SmugMug, its viewer friendly so you can look at photos in peace.

4. Streamlining. Keeping up with multiple social media accounts is time consuming.  And the apps take up a lot of space on our devices.

5. Another benefit is while you can save photos to your computer at no cost, if you choose to order prints we receive a portion of those sales. This will help cover some of the costs involved in the photo booth.

I have been testing the site as both admin and user and I am very pleased so far. I hope you like it too!


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