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Does this include nail trims? 

YES! All of our grooming packages include nail trimming

Do you groom cats? 

Absolutely! We enjoy grooming cats.

How long does it take?

We ask you to allow us 2-3 hours on small dogs and 3-4 hours on large breeds. If you have a multi-pet appointment, it may take a bit longer to complete all the appointments. This time frame allows us to not feel rushed on the dogs and gives us time for things like potty accidents etc.

How much does it cost? 

Our prices are based on several factors. Size and breed of dog, your pets temperament, condition of coat and grooming style requested all determine your pets price. Since it’s not a “one price fits all” we ask that you do a grooming consultation for a price estimate.

Which vaccines do you require? 

It is our policy to allow medical professionals to determine which vaccines your pet needs. It is up to you and your veterinarian to provide a safe level of protection for your dog. We ask that you ask your veterinarian.

Do you take walk ins/same day appointments? 

No. We work by appointment for all grooming packages and are booked out several weeks in advance. We do allow walk in nail trim appointments.

How often should my pet be groomed?

Most pets should be on a 6-8 week grooming rotation. Some pets may require more frequently. This is not only to help maintain your pets hygiene but pets who are groomed regularly are less stressed during grooming.

When should my puppy get their first grooming? 

We recommend you schedule their first appointment around 16 weeks, which is about the time your vet will consider your pet fully vaccinated. Most puppies start with a bath package as an introduction into grooming. Newly adopted pets should be scheduled as soon as possible.

Can I stay with my pet while she is groomed? 

We do not allow owners to stay in the grooming area for safety reasons. Pets also do better when they can focus on their groomer and not their owners.

Does my dog have to go into a kennel? 

For safety reasons we use kennels for dogs to stay in between the various stages of the grooming process. We recommend dogs be crate/kennel trained. Whether they are at the groomer, veterinarian or boarding they should be use to being in a kennel. Even if you don’t use a kennel regularly, there could be an emergency in which your pet needs to be kenneled. Having a house fire, natural disaster or any other event is not the time to accommodate your pet to being in a kennel.

What if my dog cannot be kenneled? 

We do offer express grooming for dogs that cannot be kenneled or have other medical issues that make being in the salon for a length of time difficult or service dogs that need to be available to their owners. The express groom is 60-90 minutes for small dogs and 90-120 minutes for most large dogs. The express groom fee is 50% of the groom fee. If your groom fee is $50 your express fee is $25. Express Grooming needs to be scheduled at the time of reservation, not on the appointment day.



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