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When I first started grooming I learned to make bows for the dogs. I enjoyed it and had fun. Most of my co workers hated making bows, so I started a side gig making bows and selling them to my boss. I did that for quite a few years. Then I got in the habit of just using bandanas. Working for other salons, no one really liked bows, so I just stuck with bandannas. A few years ago, thanks to FB networking, I was inspired to start making bows again. And my children got involved as well.

At first it was just for our clients but then other groomers wanted to buy our bows. We started selling online. We mostly work on custom orders, and have several regular groomers we supply. We keep the salon in stock and put our excess up for sale on our business page.

Our bows aren’t just for pets. I have done quite a few orders for babies and young girls, a few bow ties for little boys and even teen and adult headbands. I have fun making people and pet sets, they are great for family photos.

We make simple yet beautiful bows that are affordable. As a mom I can’t imagine putting a $7 bow on my daughters, let alone our pets. Those are great for pageants, school photos etc, but we focus on everyday life. Our bows hold up well and I often see them coming back on a dogs collar, dirty and well worn, and the dogs love getting new bows and ties.


We have several styles we make regularly, and we can do just about any custom order. Just message us on FB or email BLGC.radcliff@ to order.

Several bow styles attached to a crochet style head band

Bow attached to a FOE (fold over elastic) headband

Jeweled mesh bows and bands

Hair clips with alligator clip

Cute collar ties for boy dogs

Holiday Styles

Bow Attachment Options

Bow prices are listed here. Prices are for standard bows.

Additional items

Assorted Hair Tie 5 pack $1

Assorted Headband 3 pack $1

Other items often listed and individually priced.

We offer both bulk and limited items so quantities may vary.

You can see more photos at

Blessed Little Grooming Company, LLC Facebook page

Check out our You Tube Channel to learn more about our bows and even see how to make some yourself.


To order:

Blessed Little Grooming Company, LLC

837 North Dixie Blvd, Radcliff, Ky, 40160




All bows are handmade and may have slight variances or imperfections. We use the best materials we can find. The latex bands we use are the best on the market. A few of our children help make the bows use their earnings to buy personal items. Your patronage is appreciated. Many Blessings.

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