Blessed Little Grooming Company LLC uses the safest, most natural grooming products. All of our products are tested on us first. I am confident that what goes on your pet is safe for them, ourselves and our water sources.

Our Signature Shampoos are inspired by the Great Smoky Mountains. We have retail sizes available for your use at home.

Deep Forrest Almond ~Our Standard Shampoo~ It’s a very gentle chemistry recipe general purpose, deep cleansing shampoo that is not at all stripping. You will find that it is quite conditioning to pet’s skin and to bather’s hands, even in severe winter environments. Deep Forest Almond shampoo has a fabulous lasting toasted almond aroma. It may even be used safely on kittens & puppies.

High Meadow Eucalyptus ~  A deep cleansing, degreasing shampoo that exhibits excellent deodorizing qualities helping to naturally alleviate “doggie” odor and the stench of urine. It even helps quite well with skunk odor. Naturally occurring eucalyptus aroma, no added fragrance. The recipe is 100% pesticide free and even contains a small quantity of the main ingredient used in the Especial Greene Shampoo. Authentic Eucalyptus Oil, which is naturally acidic & therefore beneficial to fungal conditions, combined with authentic Tea Tree Oil that provides soothing relief to bitten, irritated skin & hot spots. Not recommended for cats or kittens.

Doc’s Medicated Shampoo ~ Doc’s Medicated Shampoo addresses three of the four primary external sources of itchiness. It removes oily scaling & dry scaling and it also soothes & helps heal itchy, irritated skin due to bacterial & fungal infections. Unlike tar shampoo, Doc’s Medicated Shampoo may be used safely on cats as well as dogs and it has a very clean, non-medicinal aroma.

Especial Green Shampoo ~ For the 4th source of itchiness… Pests! ~ Extremely fast and effective formulations that will help to relieve and eliminate scratching, itching and further trauma due to insect bites, especially fleas, ticks & lice as well as other skin irritations. They are completely pesticide free and 100% non-toxic. May be used safely on kittens, puppies, nursing animals, in the presence of flea control products, during animal worming and as often as desired. Especial Greene Shampoo has a mild cleansing base that leaves the fur soft & shiny and is very gentle on both the pet’s skin and the bather’s hands.  Especial Greene Shampoo has a spearmint fragrance.

Orchard Oatmeal~ Contains a very fine grind of premium grade Emulsified Colloidal Oatmeal that remains in solution longer. The traditional & time tested therapeutic qualities of Colloidal Oatmeal will help to heal & soothe dry, itchy, flaky conditions. Non astringent conditioning peach fragrance. Orchard Oatmeal is safe for use on kittens & puppies.



BASIC GROOMING Deep Cleansing Massage Bath Nails Trimmed and Dremeled Ear Cleaning Anal Glands Expressed ( if needed) Sanitary Trim ( Paw Pads and around genitals) Brush out and/or Shedless Treatment

MINI GROOMING Deep Cleansing Massage Bath Nails Trimmed and Dremeled Ear Cleaning Anal Glands Expressed ( if needed) Sanitary Trim ( Paw Pads and around genitals) Brush out and/or Shedless Treatment Light trimming around the eyes, feet, rear

FULL GROOMING Deep Cleansing Massage Bath Nails Trimmed and Dremeled Ear Cleaning Anal Glands Expressed ( if needed) Sanitary Trim ( Paw Pads and around genitals) Brush out and/or Shedless Treatment Full Body Trimming

 All Grooming packages are based on your pets individual needs. Factors such as size, temperament, condition of coat, frequency and complexity of grooming determine grooming prices.

General price quotes are Guidelines for standard size breeds in normal coat condition: example a beagle sized chihuahua will be charged beagle prices. Matted pets, or pets with special needs may be charged extra.

A LA Carte Services ~ Walk ins welcome if time allows ~

$8 each, 2 for $14, 3 for $18

Nail Trim and File Ear Cleaning Anal Gland Expression Sanitary Trim Face Trim Paw Trim

Add-On Services Pooch Pawlish~ 2 paws $5 4 paws $10 Color Splash~ ( dab of color on ears and tail) $5 Creative Styling ~$10 and up Basic Pet Jewels ~ complimentary

House Call Grooming What is house call grooming? I set up a personal portable salon in the comforts of your home. I need a tub or deep sink for bathing and an area to set up my table. Your pet receives a salon quality grooming, I even do the clean up. With set up and break down I allow 1 1/2-2 hours for one pet. Additional pets require an an extra hour or so. What does it cost? As with salon grooming prices range based on several factors including size, temperament and coat condition. The house call fee is $30 plus cost of grooming.

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  1. Theresa Faust

    In the full grooming it says “ear cleaning”. Does this include hair plucking inside the ear, and does that need to be done every time (about 6 weeks for me), or is it only done less frequently? And I was serious about an appointment for Monday, July 13 at around 11:00, assuming the shop is open on Mondays. If you’re not booking out that far, I will contact you at a later date.

  2. Richard Hardin

    Nicole, I have been looking for more info on your pet combing class you are going to be holding. You said that I should check your website for further info but I am unable to find any info on this. Can you please fill me in as to the where, when etc so I can plan to be there.

    Thank you

    • It was scheduled for last week but I will schedule a new one in two weeks. I will post it as soon as I have a date. Thanks

  3. Rosie Vincent

    Hi Nicole. I am looking for someone who can bath, trim nails, clean ears, and check anal glands on my baby. Bailey is a well behaved English Mastiff,6 yrs old and 165 pounds. She has been at the groomers many many times and walks right into the tub. Her old groomer is just getting harder and harder to get anyone to answer the phone. Would you be able too help my baby?

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