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Sorry my update is late but this year has already gone by too fast!

In January we had a cost of living increase. Like we did last year, if you are on a recurring schedule you will be locked into the January price for all of 2023. Unlike last year, I do not expect an additional increase in prices in 2023 and hope inflation holds steady. Of course thats not guaranteed, so lock in your prices ( New clients will be locked in on their first appointment if they are put on a recurring schedule)

In regards to appointment making, we have a new booking system we instituted in September. It works much better than the previous one as this one is designed specifically for pet groomers. However it has a learning curve and some flaws we have had to work through. We have most of them worked out but if you encounter one, please text us a screenshot so we can address it.

This new system has one perk you will like which is the Pet Owner Portal. This allows you to log in and see your upcoming appointments and more. I was hoping it would be available in January but it should be ready by March. In the meantime you can just text us and we will send you a list of all your upcoming appointments. When its ready you will get a message from the automated system.

If you are getting appointment confirmations from the system, be sure to reply Y to confirm. If you can’t make it, please text us directly for that. If you are not getting text confirmations please contact us directly to make sure your information is correct.

I would also like to remind everyone about last minute cancellations and no shows. We understand emergencies happen but its very important to us that you let us know you need to cancel as soon as possible. Because of the amount of last minute cancelations and more so no shows, we have had to enforce our no show policy. Non emergency last minute cancelations ( under 24 hours) are 50% of the grooming fee and no call no shows are 75%. You may also be required to prepay for future appointments.

We also no longer accept pets with fleas. Please treat them at least 24 hours before your appointment and check them closely before coming in.  We can wash off the dead fleas and eggs during the bath, but we do not want live fleas brought into the salon. Its a lot of extra work for us and so we do charge a $40 fee if we find live fleas on your pets. For more information on fleas click here and here and here.


We have been reorganizing and ordering new goodies for retail. I have the antlers, hooves and other chew bones coming this week. We also have in new retail sizes of our shampoos. Everything we use in the salon is available for sale. And our leashes and collars are still 30% off. If there is anything you would like us to carry, send us a link or photo and we will try to get it in.

This months photo theme is Valentine. We will have it up through February 25th. You can find all of our photos here or click on the Your Pets Photos tab on the main menu. Prints are free to download or you can purchase prints. We do get a % of print sales so we appreciate when you order.


I do have more blogs in draft I hope to publish soon. One on nails trimming and one on combing/brushing. If you would like other topics covered just text us.

Have a blessed day

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