837 North Dixie Blvd, Radcliff, KY 40160
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Tuesday~Saturday 9AM - 6PM

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Dear Blessed Little Grooming Company LLC community,

• Masks are no longer required by law as of 6/11/2021. 
• We still ask you respect personal space. Not just for COVID but keep your pets on a short leash to prevent them from running around the lobby, jumping on others, peeing on furniture, bothering other pets and most any common sense reason not to allow pets to run amok.. 
• We have been EXTREMELY lienient on our last minute cancellations/no show fees for the past year due to COVID. Due to the demand for grooming appointments and the volume of abandoned appointments we do not have enough notice to fill, any appointments not given proper notice will be charged $25 per appointment. Cancellations must be done via phone call/voicemail or text to our business line. 270-670-2367. You cannot cancel via the square automated confirmation line. 
We appreciate your business and remember to plan ahead and book appointments online.
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