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Our family has a lot of fun at Kentucky Kingdom, they have fun stuff for all ages. We enjoy going and make quite a few trips each summer, here are some of my photos

Tornado and Mile High Falls are my favorite rides

I like to stand on the platform after, its like a part 2 of the ride

and you get awesome photos

While I would love to go on rides like this, I physically can’t. So I hang out and get photos

One of our favorite attractions last year was the Sea Lion Show. It was so fun to watch, and we probably saw 5 shows by the time the season was done. You can see my little one sticking out his tongue like the Sea Lion was.

This year I am super excited for the new event. We went Sunday and it was great.

The All-Star Stunt Dog Show!!

All of the dogs in the show are rescue dogs. They look for the dogs natural abilities and enhance them.

The dogs really enjoy performing. The Wee was my favorite. She reminded me of a little foster dog I use to have.

I am so excited for this we partnered up with Kentucky Kingdom to offer a deal for you

use this link and our company code BLG22 to save $10 on a 1 Day or 2 Day pass,

Sign up and enjoy!


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