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When most people think of creative styling they think of the elaborate creations like we saw on the recent show Pooch Perfect. While these creations are amazing, they aren’t practical for the average pet owner. But there are so many options for every day style.

Creation by Alyssa Kasiba

Creative styling can be a lot of fun for your pet. And it doesn’t always have to include color. Lego is one cool dude with his mo-hawk!

Credit: Bubbles Dog Grooming Salon
Credit Bubbles Dog Grooming Salon


Creative styling doesn’t always have to involve trimming. These phantom colors Alyssa did on Pooch Perfect are fun and not too bold. These colors are closer to the skin are are seen clearer when you move the dogs hair.

creation by Alyssa Kasiba

Most of our clients prefer the color splash option. Just a bit of color here and there.

But if you want a little bit extra creativity, there are so many options.

Creative Styling can add anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours to your pets regular grooming time. Consider your pets physical needs when deciding if creative styling is right for your pet. We use color products that are safe for pets. These colors are semi permanent and permanent dyes. They will last for several weeks to several months.

Contact us at 270-670-2367 and ask to speak to me, Nicole, so we can discuss what will work best for your pet.




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