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This sweet girl was long over due for grooming. She had been living on a farm.

When dogs come in like this we do a process called wet shaving. Some groomers will put the dog straight on the grooming table and shave with a low blade such as a #10 or #40. This can cause clipper irritation, nicks, and equipment damage. The wet shave process is safer and easier on the dog, the groomer and the equipment.

This dog was especially dirty thanks to the Kentucky rain and mud. Usually we can get them pretty clean in the first wash, but this was not possible. We did get the loose dirt off the skin, and separate the matting from the skin a bit, which is the goal of the wet shave.

After a good wash and rinse I used my high velocity pet dryer to force the loose dirt and debris from the coat, then used a #7 blade to shave off the coat.

Once the bulk of the coat was off, I cleaned the ears.

I don’t like pulling large masses of hair but when they are matted it’s hard not to. First I shave the hair inside the ear with a #30 blade. I used fine point shears to cut as much as I could, then I had to pull the rest of the mat out. I do that last process in one quick move to make it as quick and painless as possible. I’m sure this hurts, I imagine it’s a lot like plucking or waxing your eyebrows.

Then the dog is washed again, blown dry and ready for the table. I also wash my blades with soap and water, dry and oil.

Look at those spots!!!

I used a #7 blade to finish. Doesn’t she look fabulous!

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