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Its International Cat Day ?‍⬛ ?

I found this game at Tractor Supply today and thought how purrfect for a fun giveaway!

Just leave a comment about your favorite cat, a funny cat story or interesting cat fact etc and I will choose a random winner on Friday evening. (August 13)



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  1. My favorite cat is the Maine Coon~ my boy Ceasar he is 2 yrs old now, but from a young age he talks, he can say Mama, HELLO, No~ He is a big flirt and very loving boy~ He is very vocal when he wants to eat, when he wants me to get out of bed and when he wants to play~ He is a clown~

  2. My best cat moment is when ours just showed up, she was missing a lot of fur and was bleeding, but she came to our door and trusted us to take care of her. We took her to the shelter to see if she was chipped, crying the entire time, thinking that they were going to take her and return her to someone other than us. When they came in and said that she wasn’t chipped, they offered to giver her the shots she might need and then they brought her back to us!!! She has been ours ever since, and I love her completely ❤️

  3. My Bella is a 3yr old Siberian. Such a fussy eater. Day to day who knows what she’ll turn her nose up at. Forget about pate, Its shreds and cuts in gravy or forget about it. So spoiled. But she is absolutely bonkers about potato chips! Open a bag of Lays and she’ll come runnin’! Poking her nose in until she gets her crumbs. Yum yum!

  4. We had a cat that would pick his human for the day and jump up to their shoulder to be carried around.

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