837 North Dixie Blvd, Radcliff, KY 40160
Salon Hours

Tuesday~Saturday 9AM - 6PM

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Things have been pretty crazy the past few months. We were closed for 7 weeks, and back open for 4 weeks. In the first few weeks back we have made some changes and changes to those changes and even more changes as we adapt.

We are open 6 days a week through August 29th. We are by appointment for all grooming services. Nail trims and self wash are available with 24 hour notice, grooming is booked several weeks in advance. We ask that you plan ahead and schedule those online or call or text is. Online booking is the quickest way.

When you come to the salon the door will be locked. Ring the doorbell once and give us a minute or two  to situate things so we can allow you in. We are not requiring masks, but they are still recommended by the health department. We have hand sanitizer snd gloves by the front door should you need them.

When you come in you can either put on of our leashes on your dog or we can use yours. Whatever works best for you. We will take your dog and give you an estimate on pick up time. Please wait for your pick up notifications or call or text us to see if your pet is ready.

We are asking that one client family in the salon at a time. If someone is being waited on, please wait until they leave to enter. This is not only for the normal social distancing but had also been helpful for people who may not be comfortable with strange dogs.

As usual we accept credit/debit card or cash. We will likely not have change so try to bring exact cash. We do not accept checks (unless we already have a pre arrangement for certain clients)

? You will likely get a text like this two days before your appointment. Its not spam and is part of your appointment process. By clicking the link your appointment is confirmed.

Tip. Add the number to your contacts as Grooming Appointment Information or whatever you decide so you remember its not spam. Save this link in your bookmarks so you can see your appointment information and make any changes you need to. This number does not contact us, it contacts the company who provides our online services and is an automated assistant with limited capabilities.


We didn’t get to celebrate our 5 year anniversary as planned but we still got to celebrate.
Instead of one drawing for a free grooming we did 3!

The winner of our drawings were

Week 1      Jack McArthur

Week 2       Moises Plaza

Week 3       Apple Phillips

Congratulations ???

Our next Customer Appreciation Day is August 22nd

We are extremely grateful for all of our clients, (I guess we should call it client appreciation day ?)


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