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We celebrated our 6th year in business this year and I am so extremely grateful. We have added quite a bit of inventory to our pet boutique and hope to expand it a bit more. Our grooming schedule is mostly booked and our spa bath schedule is pretty busy as well. Unfortunately with growth blessings come growth pangs.

We get a lot of clients asking if we still groom Saturdays. We do, however all Saturday grooming appointments are booked up through 2022. Most of our clients are on pre-booked appointment rotation of 4, 6 or 8 weeks. If one of those clients no longer needs their appointment schedule we have a wait list for those who wish to pick up the appointment rotation. We do have spa bath appointments available for Saturdays. As we move into 2022, our weekday grooming appointment schedule is getting just as booked as our Saturday demands. We highly recommend having your pets on a grooming rotation of 8 weeks or less.

If you have an appointment you cannot keep, we just ask you give us a 24hr notice so we can replace your appoint from someone on the waitlist. Due to the volume of last minute cancellations we have had to enforce our missed appointment policies. Just one missed appointment a day can cost a business like mine $12,000 a year. Since we have people waiting for those appointments, its important to let us know you won’t be able to keep your appointment so we can contact those people in a timely manner. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, just call or text us and we can move your appointment to another date. You cannot cancel or reschedule online. It can only be done via text or phone. This is so we are aware of open appointments as soon as possible so they can be filled.

Our appointment system sends out appointment confirmations to both email and text 2 days before your scheduled appointment. We ask that you confirm that appointment at least 24 hours before your appointment. It also sends a reminder to email and text the day before your appointment. If you are not getting these notifications contact us. If an appointment is not confirmed, we assume you are not coming and your appointment may be cancelled. So please confirm them.

Another pang we are facing is price increases for our equipment, supplies and other overhead. Inflation is at nearly 7% and looks to continue to rise in the near future. I don’t usually announce price increases, but I think we can all expect everything to rise in prices as we maneuver this economic challenge. All clients will see a price increase, some have already been raised. While I cannot control inflation, I will offer all of my clients who are on a pre-book grooming rotation a locked in grooming price for 2022 for all clients who are booked by January 31st. This means if you are on a pre-book schedule your 2022 grooming price will not increase after January 31st 2022. *exceptions for puppies who are growing. If you have questions about your prices, call or text and we can discuss the specific prices and a proper grooming schedule for your pet(s).

Walk in nail trims and the self wash station prices will remain the same. However, some walk in nail trims that take two people may be charged an extra fee.

Before raising prices the first thing I did is look to see how the salon can save money on overhead. In that process I did consider if we should discontinue our photography or if we should start charging for it. I know everyone loves the photos and I have decided on keeping the photo booth up and continue to do photos for free. I do ask that you consider purchasing prints from the website as those sales help offset the costs of offering the photos. We make a small % off those photo sales so we appreciate your purchases of prints. I have also added an album for my personal photography as a few have asked if I ever sell my photos.

We appreciate you choosing us as your pets groomer and thank you for making our business so successful. I hope that you all have a wonderful 2022.



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